Eos Focus Remotes

  • ETC Pad

    A dedicated touchscreen remote for your Eos system

    The ETCpad is a handheld tablet that offers purpose-built, touchscreen-based remote control for your Eos system.

    The remote combines the convenient functionality of the aRFR / iRFR mobile apps with a dedicated, 8” industrial-grade tablet designed to withstand the wear and tear of production. Accessories including shoulder straps, stylus pens, docks and multi-tablet chargers are also available.

    The ETCpad can connect wirelessly to your lighting network with a wireless access point, or it can connect directly to your Net3 network using a wired RJ45 connection.


    The device works with all Eos family consoles, Eos and Ion Xe Remote Processor Units, and the Eos ETCnomad and ETCnomad Puck software. Compatible products must be running Eos v2.6.3 or higher.

    With the ETCpad, you can:
    • Select channels and set parameter data
    • Play back and edit cues
    • Park channels
    • Conduct dimmer and channel checks
    • Patch conventional fixtures
    • Manipulate Color, Pan/Tilt and other parameters using dedicated graphical controllers
    • View a Cue List Display (monitor only), with current cue, several previous and pending cues displayed
    • View and interact with a Playback display; controls include Go, Stop/Back and Go to Cue
    • Access Direct Select controls

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    Available ETCpad Accessories 

     Multi Tablet Charger
    VESA Dock
    Office Dock
     Other Accessories
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