Focus Remotes

  • ETC Pad

    A dedicated touchscreen remote for your Eos system

    The ETCpad (ETC Portable Access Device) is a handheld tablet that offers purpose-built, touchscreen-based remote control for your Eos system.

    The remote combines the convenient functionality of the aRFR / iRFR mobile apps with a dedicated, 8” industrial-grade tablet designed to withstand the wear and tear of production. Accessories including shoulder straps, stylus pens, docks and multi-tablet chargers are also available.

    The ETCpad can connect wirelessly to your lighting network with a wireless access point, or it can connect directly to your Net3 network using a wired RJ45 connection.


    The device works with all Eos® family consoles, Eos and Ion® Xe Remote Processor Units, and the Eos ETCnomad and ETCnomad Puck® software. Compatible products must be running Eos v2.6.3 or higher.

    With the ETCpad, you can:
    • Select channels and set parameter data
    • Play back and edit cues
    • Park channels
    • Conduct dimmer and channel checks
    • Patch conventional fixtures
    • Manipulate Color, Pan/Tilt and other parameters using dedicated graphical controllers
    • View a Cue List Display (monitor only), with current cue, several previous and pending cues displayed
    • View and interact with a Playback display; controls include Go, Stop/Back and Go to Cue
    • Access Direct Select controls

    Available ETCpad Accessories 

     Multi Tablet Charger
    VESA Dock
    Office Dock
     Other Accessories
      ETCpad Multi-Pad Charger   ETCpad Office Dock   ETCpad VESA Mount      ETCpad Accessories