LED Dimming Compatibility

  • Compatibility Testing

    Let ETC be part of the solution

    Compatibility between LED fixture technology and dimming and control systems is often a challenge in the specification and implementation process of many lighting systems. ETC recognizes this challenge and is providing a method for our customers to evaluate and determine the best possible control solution for their designs. Using clearly defined terms and accessible metrics, ETC can assist in determining the best combination of ETC control systems for various LED fixtures.

    Please search our compatibility database of already tested devices. If you have a device that has not been tested, samples can be sent to ETC in order to verify compatibility with an ETC Power Control system. Simply fill out the Compatibility Testing Form below.

  • Database & Report Webinar

    ETC is pleased to offer compatibility testing of third party LED fixtures and drivers with ETC dimming products.  This information is then put into a comprehensive report and cataloged in the LED compatibility database.  The following video covers what is included in a typical test report and how to best interpret the results.