Eos Programming Wing

  • Professional programming – on the go

    A portable work surface that feels like a console

    Need to work on the road or from a remote station? This USB-connectable wing gives you the freedom of mobile programming without sacrificing control features.

    The Eos Programming Wing provides a portable, backlit keypad and encoders to connect to your processors, remote interfaces, and ETCnomad systems.  Programming wings are VESA-mountable for temporary or permanent installation backstage, in a rack, or on a tech table. Simply connect your wing to a compatible device to create a remote programming station anywhere in your venue. With the familiar Eos Family programming layout, you can get to work with your Wing immediately – no need to hunt for keys. 

    Eos Programming Wing

    • Full, backlit Eos Family programming keypad
    • Main playback controls, level and rate wheels
    • 4x standard rotary parameter encoders
    • 4x DMX512-A/RDM outputs, Remote Trigger and Worklight connection
    • Compatible with ETCnomad, ETC Puck, Eos Apex Processor, Ion Xe RPU, Eos RPUs, Eos Remote Interface, RVI & RVI3
    • Ships with required external power supply
    Eos Programming Wing

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