ETC Apps

  • Paradigm Touchscreen Remote

    The Paradigm Touchscreen Remote is a companion app for any Unison Paradigm P-TS7 from ETC. It allows you to remotely control a Paradigm P-TS7 connected to a wireless access point. Employing multiple levels of security the Paradigm Touchscreen remote is a powerful accessory to any Unison Paradigm System.
    Paradigm Touchscreen app Paradigm Touchscreen app

  • Paradigm Mobile Station

    The Unison® Paradigm® Mobile Button Station App turns your handheld device into an eight button station, making it part of the control system. Using standard Paradigm themes you can customize the look of your mobile button station. Use of this app requires a properly configured...
    Paradigm Mobile Station app Paradigm Mobile Station app

  • EchoAccess

    EchoAccess provides remote control and configuration of ETC Unison Echo® lighting-control systems from any iOS device. Once connected, you are able to set lighting levels, combine spaces, and control zones directly, as well as record, activate and deactivate presets for connected Echo stations and sensors. For added security, you can...
    EchoAccess app EchoAccess app