Customize your Echo System

EchoAccess™ unlocks the full capabilities of your Echo control system, allowing you to customize and control your Echo stations and controllers. It consists of two components: the EchoAccess interface and the EchoAccess mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The EchoAccess mobile app provides control and configuration of connected Echo devices within your system. You can set lighting levels, combine spaces, and control zones directly, as well as record, activate and deactivate presets, and more. When combined with Echo DMX Scene Controller, EchoAccess allows for adjustments of DMX-controlled luminaires' hue, saturation and intensity.

EchoAccess connects to any Echo system -- like other Echo stations -- via the EchoConnect™ protocol, and it nests neatly on the wall beside your other Echo stations using the same Inspire® faceplates.

EchoAccess is compatible with all currently shipping Echo hardware.


Expand your system and beyond...

Need to add even more stations and sensors to your system? With the Echo Expansion Bridge not only do you increase your Echo station, sensor and output limit to 64 units, you also get the same configuration and control functionality with EchoAccess mobile app over your Wi-Fi network without requiring the EchoAccess interface. Additionally, the Echo-Echoflex Interface enables wireless communication between Unison Echo® and Echoflex control systems, expanding the reach of your system farther than ever before.

EchoAccess is compatible with all currently shipping Echo hardware. 


A dedicated tablet

ETCpad is an industrial-grade tablet specifically designed to put control of your lighting system directly in your hands. When connected to the same WiFi system as your lighting network, the 8-inch device natively runs ETC apps including Paradigm Touchscreen Remote, Paradigm Mobile Button Station and EchoAccess, securely extending the reach of your Paradigm and Echo controls. Accessories including shoulder straps, stylus pens, docks and multi-tablet chargers are also available.

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