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Paradigm control expanded

The Unison Paradigm® Mobile Button Station App turns your handheld device into an eight-button station, giving you more control from more places. This app enables you to configure up to eight individual buttons to control anything that your Paradigm system can from your phone or tablet. These eight buttons allow you to recall lighting presets, combine spaces, and control zones, as well as record, activate and deactivate presets. All standard Paradigm touchscreen themes are available from within the app allowing it to fit the look and feel of any space.

A configured Paradigm processor, a wireless access point (WAP), and this app are all you need to be up and running in no time. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Paradigm Mobile Button Station App is compatible with all Paradigm Control Systems running version 3.1.0 or newer software.


A dedicated tablet

ETCpad is an industrial-grade tablet specifically designed to put control of your lighting system directly in your hands. When connected to the same WiFi system as your lighting network, the 8-inch device natively runs ETC apps including Paradigm Touchscreen Remote, Paradigm Mobile Button Station and EchoAccess, securely extending the reach of your Paradigm and Echo controls. Accessories including shoulder straps, stylus pens, docks and multi-tablet chargers are also available.

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