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Centralized LED power supplies

Bring all of your LED power supplies together in one easy-to-use system with F-Drive from ETC. The sleek and intuitive design makes it easy to service and modify the critical components controlling your LED luminaires from the convenience of an electrical room or cabinet. Choose from the F-Drive R12 rack or the W1 wall-mount option depending on your needs. F-Drive R12 features swappable output cards to make the system your own. F-Drive is compatible with a wide range of third-party LED fixtures and is specifically designed for seamless use with ArcSystem Navis luminaires from ETC.

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Control where you need it

With a modular design featuring mix-and-match output cards, the F-Drive R12 rack option meets the unique needs of your range of LED luminaires. Simply slide the various output card options in and out of the rack to customize your system. The driver cards are hot-swappable, allowing change or replacement without compromising power for the rest of your lighting system.

F-Drive Cards

R12 output card options

  • CC 150 – Four channels of constant current outputs with variable drive current configuration between 200 and 700mA, allowing 150W total power per card
  • CV 150 – Four channels of 24 VDC constant voltage PWM outputs, allowing 150W total power per card
  • FTW 150 – Four channels of 450 mA constant current outputs optimized for use with Navis 100 Fade to Warm fixtures 
  • Chroma 100 - Provides 48 VDC and data for up to four Navis 100 RGBW luminaires 
  • ArcLamp 150 - Provides power and control for up to 32 ETC ArcLamp luminaires across four channels 

Seamless installations

F-Drive features 48 VDC input powered by an external power supply and controls your LED luminaires via DMX with RDM configuration, management, and monitoring. RJ45 output connectors simplify your cable infrastructure and allow connection of multiple luminaires. Additional wire terminals are also included for constant voltage applications, higher power requirements, or use of existing building wiring.  

F-Drive side

F-Drive R12
  • Rack-mount option
  • Modular design with swappable cards
  • 12 slots with 4 channels each (driving up to 48 Navis 100 luminaires)
  • Uses just 3U of rack space with external power supply

W1 F-Drive Wall Mount

F-Drive W1
  • Wall-mount option
  • CC, CV, FTW, and Chroma compatible
  • 4 channels of power (driving up to 4 Navis 100 luminaires)
  • Dual-Input W1E available for emergency applications

F-Drive Power Supply

ETC offers a variety of power supply rack options for use with F-Drive R12. The 1000 W and 1800 W options are ideal for installations where simplicity is key or installations that demand a reduced noise profile. For installations where multiple power supplies and F-Drive R12 units are connected together, or where in-line, always-active power supply backup is necessary, ETC offers industrial and expandable Power Shelf Racks.

F-Drive PSU

B-Box Diagram

ETC’s superior LED driving, your choice of luminaire

F-Drive is compatible with an impressive range of lighting solutions to flexibly meet your needs. F-Drive readily connects with the following solutions.

Additionally, the B-Box expands what’s possible in an F-Drive system with greater third-party LED fixture compatibility than ever before. This solution uses the RJ45 output of an F-Drive unit and provides four channels of three different connection options:

  • terminal for direct connection of third-party luminaires;
  • Molex for use with ArcSystem Pro One-Cell luminaires; or
  • RJ45 for use with ArcSystem Navis luminaires.

B-Box makes installation clean, fast, and simple by reducing the amount of cables required to run directly to the F-Drive unit. With B-Box, facilities benefit from F-Drive's advanced dimming technology while being able to select from an abundance of third-party luminaires.

Need help getting started? Use our F-Drive System Design Tool to determine which luminaires can connect to the F-Drive.

Additionally, our integration test lab is set up and ready to receive general market fixtures for testing and performance grading with F-Drive.

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The Illuminating Engineering Society has selected F-Drive for its 2020 Progress Report. Additionally, F-Drive R12 was selected as the Ballasts, Transformers, Drivers, Systems and Kits Category Winner in the 2020 LightFair Innovation Awards.