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Lighting, your way

ArcSystem Navis luminaires deliver ease of installation, hassle-free maintenance, in-field customization, and beautiful light all in a sleek fixture design. Navis is optimized for use with F-Drive, ETC’s award winning LED power and driver system. Rely on any Navis product for high-grade TIR optics, stepless dimming, and in-the-moment customization within seconds.

Installation made easy

The design of the Navis 100 luminaire covers every detail for seamless installation. Three wind-down clamps cater to ceiling thickness from 0.5 to 20 mm and are compatible with ArcSystem Ceiling Brackets and Goof Rings. Make any adjustments you need with a 30-degree tilt that doesn't break the ceiling plane, a 360-degree rotation to focus light any way, and a tool-operated pan/tilt lock. Simply pop the magnetic trim plate back on the luminaire once your installation is complete for a sleek finish.

Navis Installation

progress report badge

Recognizing the luminaire’s advanced technology, the Illuminating Engineering Society has selected Navis 100 to be a part of its 2020 Progress Report.

Restaurant with Navis Luminaires

Beautiful light in any application

All Navis LED options pack beautiful, bright optics in a small form factor at only 100 mm high with zero light leak at the rear. From restaurants and hospitality to auditorium and cruise ships, you can expect premium quality lighting from Navis LED fixtures.

Multiple array options

The Navis line includes fixed white options as well as an RGBW color-mixing option. White color temperatures include 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K, and 5000 K. Fade to Warm technology is available in the 3000 K version for a fixture that can beautifully mimic the red-shift of an incandescent light source as it dims.

Customization within seconds

The modular fixture design makes it possible for you to customize your luminaires as you install or later on if you decide you need a design change. In-field adjustments are easy with twist-and-click beam angle optics, magnetic trim plate options, and other clip-in optical accessories.

Beam Angles

Choose from 15, 25, 40, and 60 degree lenses at any time with the unique twist-and-click mounting mechanism.

Navis F-Drive Conference Room

Power within reach

External driver technology moves critical components to accessible electrical rooms and cabinets. Designed for use with the ETC F-Drive LED driver system, Navis utilizes RJ45 in/thru connection. F-Drive provides a centralized, accessible power solution facilitating hassle-free maintenance calls on Navis and other LED solutions in your space.

ArcSystem Navis RGBW

The ETC standard of color

The RGBW option contains many of the advanced features found in ETC's entertainment fixtures, including:

  • Fully calibrated arrays for color consistency across multiple luminaires
  • Thermal droop compensation to maintain light output when the luminaire reaches operating temperature
  • Active power budgeting for maximum light output in saturated colors

Simple connection

Realize your creative vision easily with Navis Sidekick. This small, local driver attaches directly to a Navis 100 Fixed White or Fade to Warm luminaire, dimming via direct 100-277 AC power. In areas where level setting and smooth in-and-out dimming are key, Sidekick offers consistent dimming performance while simplifying your installation needs.

Navis F-Drive Lobby small

ArcSystem Navis: Covering every detail

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