Introducing OneTrack by ETC

Date Posted: 10/5/2023

OneTrack by ETC

ETC, a global leader in lighting solutions, is thrilled to introduce OneTrack by ETC, a versatile track lighting system, designed to deliver unparalleled flexibility, capability, and reliability for a wide range of installations. OneTrack by ETC offers two 20-amp circuits that can be independently switched or dimmed, providing ultimate control over lighting setups. Its robust data circuit, integrated directly into the track, ensures seamless compatibility with low-voltage dimming, via DMX, 0–10V, DALI, and other signal types.

With standard lengths of 4-, 8-, and 12-foot (1-, 2-, and 4-meter), OneTrack by ETC caters to diverse spatial requirements. Designers will appreciate the array of coupler options, empowering them to create imaginative lighting patterns with ease. OneTrack's intelligent hardware design ensures secure mechanical and electrical connections, even when mounted vertically.

"We are delighted to partner with A.A.G. Stucchi and introduce the OneTrack by ETC track lighting system to our customers,” said Ned Keitt, Product Manager at ETC. “This -product empowers lighting professionals to achieve stunning results in any installation, particularly when paired with our exclusive OneTrack Backbone to combine the best features of track lighting and performance luminaires.”

ETC's Source Four Mini LED, Irideon FPZ, Irideon WLZ, and Desire D22 luminaires will soon be available with OneTrack adapters, enabling seamless integration of these popular fixtures. Moreover, OneTrack by ETC supports an extensive range of LED track fixtures from various manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and versatility for lighting designers and specifiers.