OneTrack by ETC

Switched, dimmed – and strong

DataTrack BackboneOneTrack Backbone brings the ease and flexibility of our OneTrack track lighting solution to high-bay applications that require the performance of Source Four and ColorSource fixtures. The Backbone is a strong H-shaped aluminum extrusion to which OneTrack is mounted on the underside. The top portion allows rigid surface mounting to building structures on spans up to 10 feet with standard Unistrut hardware. The resulting structural stability allows for full-sized theatrical fixtures to be installed on the backbone using a simple hanging clamp and track adapter with power and data pigtails, while track fixtures are also supported as usual. Designers can now have the best of both worlds: equipment with minimum visual impact that delivers maximum light.

DataTrack Backbone DesignOneTrack Backbone’s sleek design still blends effortlessly into museums or other spaces where clean design is a must, offering low-profile power and data distribution. And of course, OneTrack Backbone contains all the advantages of the original OneTrack. The track features two separate neutrals that can both be dimmed circuits, two hot circuits, or one of each. DMX/RDM distribution is handled inside the track, with one universe per section.

DataTrack Backbone Close upOneTrack Backbone comes in 4-, 8-, and 12-foot sections, and can also be cut to any custom length in the field. It is available in standard black, white, or silver. An array of coupler housings allow for easier wiring of power and data feeds into OneTrack installed in Backbone. The rigid support of Backbone also stabilizes the connection between sections of OneTrack to make DMX pass-through even more reliable.

Whatever the application, OneTrack Backbone brings additional strength and style to your OneTrack system.

OneTrack by ETC is only available for purchase in North America, Latin America, and Asia.

Product Features

  • Flexible attachment to structure with standard Unistrut hardware
  • Attachment to structure on spans as wide as 10 feet
  • Supports use of full size entertainment fixtures including Source Four LED, ColorSource, and Desire
  • Available in black, white, or silver