ETC’s Unison Echo product line grows even larger

Date Posted: 5/10/2016

Unison Echo Products

ETC continues to expand its Unison Echo® line of products with two new products - Echo Expansion Bridge and Echo-Echoflex Interface . "We're thrilled about continually expanding the capabilities of Echo control systems," says ETC Architectural Market Manager Bryan Palmer. "It's an exciting time at ETC."

Buildings and venues that want to expand current Echo control systems will find Echo Expansion Bridge is the ideal solution. Each Echo Expansion Bridge can contain up to four Echo segments, each segment supporting the existing Echo maximum of 16 spaces with each space allowing up to 16 zones of control. This means that Echo control systems are now able to include up to 64 Echo devices, such as Inspire® stations , Occupancy/Vacancy sensors , light sensors and output products. "Echo Expansion Bridge lets users combine smaller systems together to make a larger Echo control system," explains ETC Architectural Product Manager Lowell Olcott, "By adding up to four Echo segments together we can expand the number of devices in an Echo system." 

When combined with the EchoAccess™ mobile app, Echo Expansion Bridge is able to allow access to the Echo network over a secure wireless access point, allowing users to configure and control the Echo control systems from tablets and smartphones. Echo Expansion Bridge also provides all-inclusive control between Unison Paradigm® and Echo control systems. Paradigm systems can output commands to the Echo control system, letting users activate and deactivate presets in Echo spaces and directly control zones.

Another addition to the Unison Echo family is the Echo-Echoflex Interface. Using a built-in 902 MHz EnOcean radio, the interface enables communication between Echo and Echoflex wireless devices without any additional wiring. Four inputs and outputs let users expand their current system with devices such as Keycard and Switch Stations, and Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensors. Plus, the Echo-Echoflex Interface facilitates control of Echoflex power controllers from any Echo control system. 

*Echo-Echoflex Interface is available in North America only.