Echo Inspire Control Stations

Inspire Control Stations

Sleek and convenient button and fader stations

Inspire® stations are the elegant face of the Unison Echo™ lighting control system. They come in a range of options to fit any installation, including one-, two-, four-, six- and eight-button stations, as well as a four-button station with fader control.

Lighting control your way. Inspire stations can be easily programmed for preset lighting looks, offer the capability of setting zone- and space-combine functions. They can be installed anywhere they're needed throughout a space, for maximum convenience.

The labeling is up to you. Inspire stations come with preprinted button labels with common text, as well as templates for you to print your own. The labels simply slide into place on the buttons, so you don't have to deal with stickers or preorder custom faceplates.

Product Features

  • One-, two-, four-, six- or eight-button station configurations
  • Four-button station with fader available
  • Stations available in cream, black and white
  • Stations fit a standard backbox, including gang-able backboxes
  • Stations may be assigned to 1 of 16 spaces
  • Belden 8471 or Cat5 wiring topology-free station wiring
  • Uses purpose-built ETC communication protocol