Echo Expansion Bridge

Echo Expansion Bridge

Expanding the capabilities of Echo

Looking to build bigger, better Unison Echo® control systems? The Echo Expansion Bridge lets you add more devices to your Echo control system, allowing you to control and configure everything from a single location.

With the Expansion Bridge, Echo control systems can contain up to four Echo segments -- each with their own power supply and Echo products. Segments support up to 16 stations or sensors and up to 16 output devices each, increasing the Echo control system capacity to 64 stations and sensors as well as 64 output products. Each bridge may contain a maximum of 16 spaces with up to 16 zones per space. The Echo Expansion Bridge also expands the capability of the TimeClock, enabling it to be shared across all 4 Echo segments within a single control system. 

Expand your remote-control functionality

When the EchoAccess Mobile App is used in conjunction with Echo Expansion Bridge, you can connect to the Echo network via Wi-Fi to control and configure segments, spaces, presets and zones of any connected Bridge within your Echo control system.

Safety in numbers

Keep your system safe with varying levels of password security. Echo Expansion Bridge lets you control who has the ability to control and configure your Echo control system remotely by supporting the assignment of unique passwords for each level of access. 

Bridging the gap between Echo and Paradigm

Echo Expansion Bridge also integrates easily with any Unison Paradigm ®system. A Paradigm system can see all connected Echo controllers and send commands to your Echo control system so you can set Echo light levels, modify zones, and activate and deactivate presets from the centralized control system. Best of all, at the end of the night you can turn off all connected Echo subsystems from your Paradigm Button or Touchscreen Stations.

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