Eos for Educators

  • Eos is a powerful tool for designers, technicians, students, and educators alike. The following resources are designed to help educators bring lighting to life in the classroom.

    Eos is for Everyone

    You don’t need a console in order to get started with Eos. The ETCnomad software for Mac and PC is absolutely free to download and use offline, giving you and your student full access to all the latest professional programming tools, including Magic Sheets, effects, and the powerful 3D programming and visualization tools of the Augment3d platform.

    Education Package

    Want your laptop to control your lighting rig? The ETCnomad Education Package – offered exclusively to students and educators – gets you discounted access to the unlocked software dongle and a Gadget DMX output device.

    Tools and Projects

    Education Package

    Augment3d Light Lab is a custom show file that lets you play with light as if you were designing on a real stage – no prior programming knowledge required.
    Try it yourself →

    Education Package

    Need a venue for your virtual projects? These free Augment3d demo files let you play with lighting in a proscenium theatre, concert, or fashion show environment. Get the files here →

    Additional Resources

  • Explore Eos Family products

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