The Hamilton Programming Project

  • The Hamilton Project

    You’ve learned the basics of Eos Augment3d. But do you have what it takes to apply your knowledge to a real production?

    Welcome to The Hamilton Programming Project, a collection of exercises that use actual touring paperwork from the Broadway musical Hamilton to help you practice in Eos Augment3d – and learn how Broadway tours operate!

    You will be playing the roles of Associate, Assistant, and Programmer as you finish prep on the provided show file. This will involve getting ready for focus, preparing conventional and moving light gobo loads, focusing fixtures, and, finally, checking your work with real cues from the show – all with Eos Augment3d as your virtual venue.

    The Project Guide will help you through some of the basic tasks, but it is not designed to be fully instructional. This project mimics professional‐level operations, so it is up to you to figure out how to complete it with accuracy and speed! You can make magic sheets, record new snapshots, merge in your favorite macros – the file is yours to grow. With Howell Binkley’s Tony Award®‐winning lighting rig at your fingertips, what programming or design ideas will you come up with? 

    Hamilton Lighting and Project Credits

    Howell Binkley - Lighting Designer

    David Korins - Scenic Designer

    Ryan O’Gara - Associate Lighting Designer

    Rod Lemmond - Associate Scenic Designer

    Amanda Zieve, Naftali Wayne - Assistant Lighting Designers

    David Arch - Lighting Programmer

    James J. Fedigan, Randall Zaibek - Production Electricians

    Christopher Robinson, Sandy Paradise - New York Company

    Steven J. Deidel, Trevor Maynard, Max Marquez - Angelica Company

    Jeff “Swing” Holtz, Rachel Juozapatis - Eliza Company

    Edgar Vanegas, Anne Roche - Los Angeles Company

    Joe Bradford, Sean Hamilton - Advance Team

    Full Production Credits :‐production/hamilton‐499521

    Special thanks for this project go to Rod Lemmond for providing the 3D set model used in this project, to Naftali Wayne and Joel Britt for Vectorworks assistance, and to David Arch for providing the Eos show files and other project materials.

    Watch a round-table discussion with the Hamilton lighting team.

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