ETC and High End Systems turn focus to education

Date Posted: 4/1/2020

Study Hall in Session

As many theatres, live events, and productions across the world faced closings and unclear futures, ETC and High End Systems recognized that times were tough for valued users and friends in the industry. To contribute in a productive way, both companies turned their focus to educational development. 

Earlier this month, the companies announced that all the online classes on their LearningStage platform would be free until May 15. Last week, the new educational website Study Hall was launched. Located via users’ MyETC account, the new page includes both curated and new content, including tailored articles and videos as well as links to helpful content. This week, ETC is excited to add new live events to the offerings. 

“It is important for us to interact with our community, and right now many are seeking opportunities to self-improve. Our employees quickly raised their hands and offered to host events,” said ETC Product Marketing Manager David Hilton. “It’s been inspiring to see how people have rallied behind the Study Hall concept.” 

The live webinars, roundtables, and Q&As will be led by both employee experts and members around the industry with global content geared toward all ETC and High End users, including several events in other languages. Events will also be recorded and listed on the Study Hall page for future viewings. 

David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing at ETC, knows that staying positive is the ETC way. He says, “These are difficult times, but we see the good coming out in the people of our industry. Our message to everyone continues to be stay safe and stay connected.”