Eos-Family Video Learning Series

  • Expert Topics for Eos Family Software

    Our Expert Topics video-training series explores core concepts of the unique features of the Eos®-family software. For people who are well-versed in Eos-family console features, this is an opportunity to learn a few more complex concepts and functions.

  • Eos Family Color Tools

    Check out the color features introduced in the Eos Family v2.3 software!      

    Eos family software v2.3 introduced a number of new features to the Eos product line. The color picker has been completely redesigned, introducing optional abstract color spaces for control of any color mixing system, new tools for the gel picker, and improved color matching. Tinting and spectrum tools are also provided. The spectrum control allows additive mixing systems with more than three control elements to be adjusted while optionally holding the X/Y chromaticity. Color Path allows control of additive mixing systems fades through the color spectrum, with adjustment of fade properties possible, which can be stored to color paths for instant recall and referenced modification.

  • Eos Family Virtual Media Server

    An in-depth look into the Virtual Media Server and Pixel Map Controls     

    The Eos family of consoles has a built-in Virtual Media Server (VMS). This series explains the main features of the VMS, and introduces you to the basics of ETC’s pixel-mapping software. You’ll learn how to use the Pixel Map Editor and Pixel Map Preview, and to utilize Moving-Light Controls to simplify and speed up media-server implementation in a show file.