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  • Expand your knowledge of Eos Family Magic Sheets

    Welcome to the Eos Family Magic Sheet Intensive! This course was developed as a one-day, in-person advanced-training course. There are no videos for this class, but we have made the show file and workbook available for those who wish to cover the material at their own pace.

    Topics covered in this workbook include:

    • Exploring an extensive Magic Sheet to examine advanced concepts
    • Making use of Tabs and other improved navigation tricks
    • “Home” Magic Sheets or Tabs
    • “Target” Magic Sheets or Tabs
    • Constructing and using a Programming-Surface-style Magic Sheet
    • Building a Control Magic Sheet for non-programming functions and maintenance
    • Creation of more complex Magic Sheets for programming
    Download the following to enhance your experience.

    Eos Family Magic Sheet Zip File

    Eos Family Magic Sheet Workbook

    Eos Family Magic Sheets 1

    Eos Family Magic Sheets 2


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