Sensor3 Dimming

  • Sensor3 Touring Racks

    • With CEM3 power control, electricians spend less time setting up the power system and more time focusing!
    • Lighting professionals trust only Sensor3 for their high-stakes concert tours and road shows - delivering the reliability and durability of permanently installed dimmers.
    • High-density modular design, fully magnetic circuit breakers, network communication, and remote-monitoring capabilities make the tour grind easier!
    • Lighted patch bays and output panels simplify setup.
    • CEM3 control module makes networking your touring systems much faster and more flexible.
    • Available in 24- and 48-dimmer module configurations.
    • Available in North America, Latin America & Asia

    Sensor3 Portable Packs

    • Sensor3 Portable Packs are the professional's choice for smaller touring shows, industrial rentals, compact video productions, and rehearsal spaces.
    • World-class dimming performance, industrial-strength construction, and an array of connection options.
    • Built-in dimming features that many installation racks would envy: modular design and magnetic circuit breakers.
    • Optional Advanced Features include communication and remote monitoring options. 
    • Choose the control protocol you need: DMX, or Net3™/ACN.
    • Available in 6- and 12-module configurations.
    • Available in North America, Latin America & Asia

    CEM3 Power Control

    • Point of Control Interface - Easy-to-read display shows you pertinent system information.
    • Backup looks - 64 presets with programmable fadetimes and priority allow for take-control, pile-on, or live-control failover sources to insure that your show will never go black.
    • ThruPower - Triple function mode that allows the new ThruPower Modules to operate each circuit as dimmer, relay, or constant.

    ThruPower Modules

    • Ideal for applications where load types are not likely to be known at time of installation or are likely to change frequently.
    • Dimming, constant-circuit power, and switched power modes - all in one module.
    • Voltage, current, temperature sensor in all modes.
    • Power any kind of lighting fixture.

    Dimmer Doubling

    • Double your dimming control capacity without adding to your dimmer inventory.
    • Allows 2 lighting fixtures to operate independently using only one dimmer. 
    • Run 1 circuit from any 120V, 60Hz Sensor or Unison dimmer to a conventional outlet. Connect a Dimmer Doubler, and plug in 2 Source Fours with 77V HPL lamps...That's It!
    • Dimmer Doubling is especially beneficial for facilities that need more circuit potential in their existing, limited wiring system. 

  • Sensor3 tour clip

    Sensor3 portable clip


    Sensor3 CEM clip

    Sensor3 module clip

    Dimmer Doubling clip