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    Power to the people!

    The free Sensor®3 TPSR app from ETC maximizes the usefulness of your Sensor ThruPower Modules to make sure all the elements of your hybrid LED/Tungsten lighting rig are powered correctly. With the Sensor3 TPSR app, stagehands can check power before they plug in a fixture, right from where they are—no more trudging back to the dimmer, no more waiting for a response from the designer or programmer. Stagehands simply open the app and point it at a QR code on a sticker placed on a connector strip or plug box. When connected to a CEM3 over wifi, the app will tell users whether the circuit is being dimmed or switched and allow them to change it and test the load. In just a few seconds your fixtures, and your crew, can be powered up the way they were meant to be.

    Product Name        Product Name

    Product Features
    • Ability to check and change power control setting from any device connected to same ETC network with a wireless access point
    • Perform load-test within app
    • Compatible with iOS and Android devices  

    Empowering your system

    In order for the app to work you’ll need the latest version of CEM3 software (version 1.6 or later) and have your CEM3 connected to a wireless access point. You can find instructions for updating your  CEM3 software here.

    Standard number (1-336) QR code labels for your strips and plug boxes are available from  ETC’s online store. Custom labels are available through your local ETC dealer.



    ETC Privacy Policy for Sensor3 TPSR App:

    ETC does not collect, store, or share any personal data as a result of a user downloading and/or using the Sensor3 TPSR app.