Sensor3 Dimming

  • The Sensor3 Power Control System has installation enclosures that work with 120V UL (SR-series), 230V CE (ESR-series), and 240V UL (HSR-series). With a robust feature set across all models, you can get perfect dimming no matter where you are, or what power you have. 

  • Sensor3 Installation Enclosures

    • Ideal for professional theatres, broadcast studios, concert and performance halls, and large architectural installations
    • Standard system monitoring with diagnostic reporting, as well as dimmer-specific load reporting and diagnostics
    • High dimmer density
    • Heavy-duty, high-grade modules available in voltages for every region (120V, 230V, 240V).
    • Specialized modules offer solutions for all fixture types and applications. PhaseAdept pairs ETC’s legendary dimming quality with a feature set modern systems need. The ThruPower module allows users to switch freely between constant circuit, on/off switching with true air-gap relays, and dimming for lighting loads. Check out all our modules here.
    • RideThru - Optional accessory that holds the processor electronics through a power outage for at least 6 seconds
    • Battery Pack - Optional accessory that holds the processor electronics through a power outage for at least 30 minutes

    CEM3 Power Control

    • Point of Control Interface - Easy-to-read display shows you pertinent system information.
    • Support for Unison Echo preset control
    • ThruPower - Triple function mode that allows the ThruPower Modules to operate each circuit as a dimmer, relay, or constant circuit.

    Sound Suppression

    • Sensor Sound Suppression Hoods (SSSH) for installation enclosures, and Skirts (SSSs) for Touring Racks, reduce fan noise for acoustically sensitive installations.
    • Variable speed fan in the ESR (230V only) adapts to changing power needs, delivering consistently quiet performance

    Relay Modules

    • True air-gap relay modules ensure that switched power is just that – switched on or off
    • Supports any switched load, including LEDs, moving lights or motor loads
    • Converts a dimmed circuit to switched power, allowing venues to place multiple LED fixtures on one circuit and get the most out of a limited circuit count

  • Sensor3 CE Installation Racks2


    Sensor3 CEM clip

    Sensor3 module clip SSSh SSSs linedrawing