Echo Relay Panels

  • EchoTouch in Coffee Shop   
    Compact, stylish, and intuitive touchscreen control
    Combining three powerful capabilities into one elegant device, EchoTouch can act as an interface into a standalone or integrated Unison Echo control system, provide status and control of all Echo products, and directly control DMX/RDM and sACN fixtures and devices.

    Echo Control Stations Related Products Image

    Echo Control Stations
    Control at your fingertips

    Powered by EchoConnect, Echo Control Stations initiate control for your entire lighting system. They recall presets, turn lights on and off, and allow for overall control of individual zones within your Echo lighting system.

    Echo Responsive Controls   
    Responsive Controls
    The pinnacle of energy-saving technology
    Working with Echo and Sensor power-control systems, Echo Responsive Controls automatically sense motion or daylight within rooms and adjust the electric lighting for the right level of brightness, saving you money and electricity.

    Echo Interface
    Echo Interfaces
    Making integration easy
    Expand the control capabilities of your Echo system with A/V, BACnet, wireless and more connectivity thanks to an extensive line of interfaces.

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    Power Control Systems
    Dimming and switching for every venue
    Echo, Unison and Sensor Power Control Systems respond to Echo Control Stations and provide relay or dimming functions for their local zones. Panels can separate circuits into multiple spaces for independent control within each room, while supporting Ethernet uplinks to the larger system for building control and reporting.