Echo Relay Panels

  • Creative power control

    The Unison Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough (ERP-FT) is a flexible and affordable branch-fed power control solution suitable for a broad range of applications.

    With enclosures sized for up to 48 relays, the ERP-FT serves well as a stand-alone, venue-based solution. It provides switched power control for 120-347 V single-pole circuits and 120/208 V or 277/480 V double-pole circuits. Optional control cards add 0-10 V, contact input, or broadcast DALI functionality to the system. A single panel has the flexibility to control loads fed by different voltages, whether they are normal or emergency branch circuits.

    Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough

    The Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough offers standalone control via a built-in TimeClock with an intuitive Web UI for easy setup. With 16 configurable spaces per panel – each with 16 presets and 16 zones – the ERP-FT is a great choice for conference centers, hotel ballrooms, and multi-venue theatres. Onboard DMX and Ethernet (sACN) control inputs allow easy integration with campus-wide power control for stadiums, arenas, museums, and other large systems.

    Built to last

    With a rugged steel, wall-mount enclosure that allows power and data to be fed through the top, bottom, and sides of the cabinet, the Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough makes installation and maintenance stress free. Even when space is tight, the panel is easily accessible, thanks to full-front-access, dual-locking doors that do not require side clearance to open.

    Product Features

    • Single-space, single-pole 120-347 V relays
    • Single-space, double-pole 120/208 V relays
    • Double-space, double-pole 277/480 V relays
    • DMX input
    • Built-in TimeClock for real-time and astronomical events
    • Built-in network connection provides advanced control of relays over streaming ACN (sACN) and Web UI for easy configuration
    • UL, cUL, and FCC compliant
    • UL 924 Listed for emergency-lighting control bypass
    • Manual on/off lever on each relay
    • Options
      • 0-10 V Control
      • Broadcast DALI
      • Contact Input
      • Controller power RideThru

    *Available globally for non-CE applications