Ion Remote Processor Unit

This legacy Eos Family This legacy Eos Family product has been replaced by Ion Xe RPU.

Ion Remote Processor Unit

The Ion Remote Processor Unit - a 2U 19" rack mount device - provides primary and backup control for Ion and Gio lighting control systems. It can be used in conjunction with either system or be used as a stand-alone lighting playback controller.

The Ion RPU is available in either 2,048 or 6,144 outputs and supports all of the functions of the Eos family software.

Product Support

Controls on the front of the unit include the power switch, USB and CD drive, and also 20 user-programmable buttons for commonly used functions. These buttons have default mapping, such as Live, Blind, Go, Stop/Back, paging controls and such, but are easily reprogrammed for individual requirements.

The RPU also supports output for 2 high-resolution DVI monitors, which can also be touch screens.

There are six LEDs on the front, as follows:

  • Primary. This LED is illuminated on the RPU that is configured as primary.
  • Backup. This LED is illuminated on the RPU that is configured as backup.
  • Client. This LED is illuminated on any RPU that is configured as a client. This means that the RPU is not directly charged with outputting to the rig, but is a secondary processor to the main and backup processors.
  • Master. This LED is illuminated on the RPU that is currently controlling the rig. If the RPU is configured as a backup and has control, this LED blinks.
  • Tracking. This LED is illuminated on all RPUs when they are synchronized, and blinks if tracking is lost.
  • Expand. This LED is reserved for future functionality. The assignment of an RPU as Primary, Backup or Client is selected at the log in screen.

The 20 buttons on the RPU can be reconfigured via a programming tool in the Ion Shell. Each of the 20 buttons may be configured to any single Ion command. An option to copy the configuration to/from a USB drive is provided, allowing transfer of the configuration from one device to another.

The Ion RPU supports the use of all Focus Remotes, Eos family Fader Wings, and the Eos Programming Wing.