Wireless TimeClock

Wireless TimeClock

The Echoflex Wireless TimeClock (WTC) brings time-based control to your Echoflex system effortlessly. Its comprehensive event programming capabilities maximize energy efficiency and help installations meet Title 24, IECC, and ASHRAE-90.1 energy requirements.

Powerful grouping features and masking logic enable large-scale control of devices, rooms, groups of rooms, and more, enabling the Wireless TimeClock to operate as a de facto system controller.

It’s simple to set up scene presets and let the WTC execute them day after day but is powerful enough to handle larger tasks, too. With its Group feature, users can organize multiple rooms or areas into a single point of control.

The Wireless TimeClock also includes logic for time-based masking of switch stations, sensors, and scheduled events. Temporary Configuration enables more customization and adherence to strict energy codes by allowing scheduled changes in controller and sensor configurations.

Product Features:
  • Scene control with 16 recallable scenes across all Groups
  • Up to 50 scheduled, timed Events across 24 separate Groups
  • Unlimited devices within each Group
  • Meets California Title 24, IECC, and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements
  • Astronomical timeclock with +/- sunset or sunrise settings and programmable latitude/longitude
  • 24-hour real time clock with user configurable Daylight Saving Time
  • Four recurrence settings: every day, weekday, weekends, and day of week
  • Hold: keep the system in the current event up to two hours or until canceled
  • Simple manual control of presets with overrides
  • Resumes program automatically after power loss
  • Backlit graphical LCD display
  • Mounts in industry-standard two-gang backbox