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410-Remote App

Remote Control

The Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app provides users easy access to their PTS-7 touchscreen controls from mobile devices. Ethernet-connected PTS-7 touchscreens can be directly controlled via iOS or Android mobile devices. App users see an exact duplicate of the Touchscreen, including button presses and system state. The app mirrors what’s on the touchscreen with no additional programming necessary, making setup a breeze. While setup is easy, multiple layers of security built into the app and Paradigm ensure there is no unauthorized access to your controls.

Paradigm Touchscreen Remote App is compatible with all Paradigm Control System running software version 4.1.0 or newer.


A dedicated tablet

ETCpad is an industrial-grade tablet specifically designed to put control of your lighting system directly in your hands. When connected to the same WiFi system as your lighting network, the 8-inch device natively runs ETC apps including Paradigm Touchscreen Remote, Paradigm Mobile Button Station and EchoAccess, securely extending the reach of your Paradigm and Echo controls. Accessories including shoulder straps, stylus pens, docks and multi-tablet chargers are also available.

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