Mosaic Designer Software

Designer Software

Freedom to focus on creativity not technology

Unison Mosaic® Designer Software provides the framework for creating your unique work of art. Everything you need is here: from importing project plans for system layout, to positioning lighting fixtures and other devices in the plan, to editing triggers and timelines, picking specific colors, programming special effects, mapping pixels to an array, playing back video clips, visualizing the results, and uploading your show

Designer Software

Unlimited control

Before, your only option was to program your show on a lighting control console and capture it on a playback device. That is a limited way to control lighting and other effects -- it can only reproduce its output as programmed, with no opportunity for interaction.

Designer Software

With Mosaic -- you don't need a console.

You already have one - inside the Mosaic Designer 2 Software. You directly create a real show in real time using your Mac or PC. Even after uploading the show, you have all the features you'd need to influence and modify your design to be interactive with the outside world. Each of your projects is unique - seemingly 'one off.' Wouldn't you like to turn to one software solution, time and time again, for all your projects -- without needing a computer science degree? Mosaic Designer Software melds the capabilities of a lighting control console, the flexibility of a media server, and the precision of a PLC to empower you to achieve your artistic visions -- on time and on budget.

Mosaic Manager

Mosaic Manager provides powerful tools to manage your projects: off-line scheduling and project combining. The scheduling feature in Mosaic Manager allows users to create and modify timed events without using Mosaic Designer. Manager provides an intuitive event calendar, allowing users to schedule event times, recurrence, and more. Users can make changes and sync them to a single controller or network of controllers.

With the project-combining feature, users can take multiple Mosaic configurations and utilize them as one cohesive project. This provides cross project playback for large installations and installations that may require discrete control for daily operation, with wider scope playback for special events. For example, three buildings can have separate installations that follow their own day-to-day schedule – but then come together to do one collaborative show every evening or for special occasions.

Mosaic Designer Software guides you through your projects with a trove of tools at each step.

DesignView allows you to import images to form the basis of your lighting design so that fixtures and other elements reflect your project team's architectural plans. FixtureManager's deep library of multi-attribute fixtures gives you drag-and-drop access to your LEDs, moving lights, and other devices -- including those from different manufacturers. Designer even has a dedicated interface for pan/tilt and beam control of moving lights.
Mosaic Designer lets you program each element of your design using visual, timeline-based blocks. Use Designer's powerful color selector - ColorPick - to change intensity and hue, which are then displayed on the timeline itself. Designer brings out the artistry of your design with a comprehensive range of customizable special effects. Moving lights have their own dedicated programming interface to avoid complicating the primary intensity and color controls. And you can place fixture and design elements on the same timeline for seamless coordination across the entire show.
Chart new territory. Designer's PixelMap goes way beyond traditional lighting effects allowing you to define a group of fixtures as a virtual screen and then play back static or video images on it. Use this as true video playback across an LED array or to generate dynamic and fluid color effects across large numbers of LEDs and other fixtures. The Mosaic Show Control system replaces separate lighting control and video pixel-mapping systems that would be required otherwise.
TriggerManager links your presentation to the outside world by allowing specific timelines to be linked to either external inputs or real-time events (including 'sunrise' and 'sunset'). You can also place conditions on triggers so that an event will only occur if a series of requirements are met. ControlView transforms your design elements into a simulation environment for viewing your project before installation -- including the ability to test triggers and show-programming. With LiveControl, if Mosaic Controllers are connected during simulation you can output the show directly to the fixtures themselves. The Mosaic RealEngine ensures an accurate representation of your show --whether in software simulation or when played live via the hardware.