Mosaic Designer Software

Designer Software

Mosaic Designer Software lets you make art with light. The software provides simple timeline editing with a powerful multi-step triggering engine, dynamic effects capabilities, and extensive integration with other systems through IO modules. The Mosaic Designer software package also includes Record and Manager apps to give you even more control over your lighting looks.

Mosaic Designer lets you import project plans and images to create a system layout and position any lighting source (stationary and moving lights, LED tape, pixel matrix arrays, and more) to create your design space. Then it’s easy to map your pixels, pick your colors, and create a timeline. Static looks, fluid color effects, and video mapping are all possible. You can even integrate triggers following time-of-day prompts, external timecode, or even contact closures to create an interactive experience.

Designer Software

The Mosaic Record app brings the power of a lighting console directly into your Mosaic system. Simply program your show on any console and the Record app will neatly capture that output, save it, and allow you to play it back time after time, exactly and reliably. Mosaic Record captures can be imported on to Mosaic timelines allowing them to seamlessly blend into the rest of the Mosaic show. Mosaic Record makes it easier than ever to work with moving lights.

Mosaic Manager allows for comprehensive scheduling and show management. It will even let you build intricate shows across installations. The project combing feature of Mosaic allows users to create separate Mosaic shows in distinct locations then combine them all into a unified show at scheduled times.

Mosaic software is the best way to create, capture, and play back your light show on the most powerful and versatile pixel-mapping platform there is.