Touchscreen Station

  • Mosaic Tessera

  • The Unison® Mosaic Touchscreen (M-TS) offers full-featured control over a Mosaic system at an attractive price point. The 4.3-inch screen gives users the ability to interact with an entire Mosaic show through a customizable interface. Buttons, faders, color pickers and more can all be presented on the Touchscreen, giving users extensive control over an installation.

    Programmed using Mosaic Designer software the Mosaic Touchscreen can be added to any Mosaic project. Working seamlessly with MSCs, MSCXs, MTPCs, and Atlas Controllers, the M-TS is a powerful control accessory.

  • Monitoring is also easy on the Touchscreen. The vibrant interface quickly provides up-to-date status, configuration information, and remote monitoring of all aspects of your Mosaic install.

    Just as much thought went into the physical design of the Touchscreen as well. The clean lines, smooth curves and finish options make it a beautiful addition to any interior. The result is an advanced, cost-effective station, allowing users to add more screens to complement the size and intricacies of their system.