Mosaic Atlas

Think Bigger

Unison Mosaic® controllers offer a network for nearly every application you can dream up -- lighting and LED arrays, kinetic-art displays, media and facility-wide special effects... But now is the time to dream bigger! The Mosaic Atlas™ Lighting Controller is capable of so much more. Mapping large LED pixel arrays such as building facades, bridges, and presentation walls is now possible. Play video content across your array or incorporate a range of creative, generative effects. With Mosaic Atlas you really can control the world.

Mosaic Atlas

Over three-quarters of a million addresses!

Your largest projects pose a number of challenges: from the sheer volume of control required and the need for it to be synchronized across all fixtures and devices, to the variety of different technologies that need to work together, to high-level media-content integration. The amount of control you thought you needed five years ago cannot compare to the amount you have now with Atlas. Designed to meet the unique needs of such landmark projects, Atlas is available in capacities ranging from 25,600 addresses of DMX-over-Ethernet (50 universes) up to more than 768,000 addresses (1,500 universes) from a single 19" rack-mounted unit.

Endless control

Like its siblings MSC, Tessera, and MSC X, Atlas has an extensive range of triggering interfaces, including Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and more. A built-in real-time clock triggers precise timed events, including 'sunrise' and 'sunset' astronomical cues and lunar-timed events. Additional triggering interfaces are supported by networking Mosaic Remote Devices including the Remote Input and Output Modules and Remote Audio/Timecode Module. As a DMX-over-Ethernet device, Atlas empowers you to send the data to your network using Ethernet protocols including streaming ACN (sACN), Philips KiNet, ArtNet, and Pathway Pathport, simultaneously. Play digital video content across your array, either from locally stored HD media files or an onboard video input.

Location is never an issue with remote-access software

Using Mosaic Designer 2 software, all Mosaic Show Controllers feature the Mosaic RealEngine, which drives your Designer-created show flawlessly in real time. For LiveControl functionality or show upload, Atlas accepts Ethernet connections from Mosaic Designer software running on your PC or Mac. Atlas also features DesignerAccess, an internal web server with active pages, providing status, configuration information, remote monitoring, and remote show uploads.


Mosaic also supports integration with SixEye, an independent, third-party service that allows users to monitor and control their lighting system over the internet. With Mosaic and SixEye, users can monitor, configure, upload, and fire triggers remotely on all connected Mosaic controllers. Users can also automate events to occur and create custom graphical interfaces that allow customers to easily interact with their systems. To learn more about SixEye, and get your own portal, check out their website