Tessera Panel Controller (MTPC)


A "tessera" is a tile in a greater mosaic but also an object of beauty itself. The Unison® Mosaic Tessera Controller (MTPC) is both a part of a greater sophisticated networked system and a standalone full controller in itself, in an elegantly compact local touchscreen. The Tessera is unique in handling not only complex lighting and lighting devices of all sorts (LEDs, conventionals, etc.) but impromptu show-control, other accessories and non-lighting effects -- for complete control -- in an economical package. No other controller can integrate within a larger network or contain all the software and functionality within itself to master an entire installation.

Total control at your fingertips: Tessera's sleek touchscreen user-interface features up to 512 channels of DMX-Over-Ethernet (and other Ethernet-based protocols) to control color-mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures, and automated lights. The built-in timeclock triggers precise timed events, including 'sunrise' and 'sunset' astronomical cues. Each MTPC supports onboard triggering over Ethernet. Additional channels and triggering interfaces are supported by optional MSC controllers and remote devices attached over an Ethernet network.


Mosaic also supports integration with SixEye, an independent, third-party service that allows users to monitor and control their lighting system over the internet. With Mosaic and SixEye, users can monitor, configure, upload, and fire triggers remotely on all connected Mosaic controllers. Users can also automate events to occur and create custom graphical interfaces that allow customers to easily interact with their systems. To learn more about SixEye, and get your own portal, check out their website


  •  LED lighting control 
  •  Pixel mapping 
  •  Show control and lighting integration

Tessera's integrated show-control capability is programmed and configured using Mosaic Designer™ software. With RealEngine functionality, Tessera ensures an accurate representation of your full show -- whether in software simulation or when played live to connected controllers. Tessera also employs LiveControl for live output of your Mosaic™ show file to connected Mosaic controllers and fixtures during simulation. With DesignerAccess, Tessera draws on an internal Web server with active pages providing status, configuration information, remote monitoring, and remote show uploads. The special QuickChange function on Tessera allows show data to be stored on a removable flash memory card, which can be conveniently transferred to another MTPC if required.Used as a wall station, the Tessera (MTPC) is also an object of beauty, blending cleanly and unobtrusively into any interior design.