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    ArcSystem Navis & F-Drive

    Two products, one system, endless possibilities


    ArcSystem Navis & F-Drive

    Two products, one system, endless possibilities

    The Illuminating Engineering Society has selected both Navis and F-Drive to be a part of its 2020 Progress Report, based on the products’ “uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry.

    Your LED system, your way

    Modular design with mix-and-match options

    Navis F-Drive Family

    Catering to changes that come up in the field, Navis and F-Drive offer multiple customization options that can be implemented as you install or at a later date. In addition to offering a wide range of lenses and accessories, Navis 100 can be transformed into a Wall Wash, Pendant, or Surface Cylinder at a moment’s notice with optional hardware. As your LED system grows or changes, F-Drive remains a nimble solution with easily swappable driver cards that match your LED solutions.​ 

    Stunning in any application

    The Navis 100 packs beautiful, bright optics in a small form factor at only 100 mm high.

    Navis has zero light leak at the rear of the fixture, making it perfect for applications with perforated or slatted ceilings.

    Slide the Navis 100 luminaire into the Pendant or Surface Cylinder hardware to add variety to your design.

    The gold standard in color

    Maximum output, maximum efficiency

    • Fully calibrated arrays for color consistency across all your luminaires
    • Thermal droop compensation to maintain light output as the luminaire reaches operating temperature
    • Active power budgeting for maximum light output in saturated colors

    Plug-and-play power at your fingertips

    Available in both R12 rack and W1 wall-mount options, F-Drive is completely customizable for your output needs. R12 can drive up to 48 individually controllable Navis 100 luminaires, while W1 provides power and data support for up to four Navis 100 luminaires.

    F-Drive R12 features swappable, mix-and-match output cards, including:

    • CC 150 – Four channels of constant current outputs with variable drive current configuration between 200 and 700 mA, allowing 150W total power per card
    • CV 150 – Four channels of 24 VDC constant voltage outputs, allowing 150W total power per card
    • FTW 150 – Four channels of 450 mA constant current outputs optimized for use with Navis 100 Fade to Warm fixtures
    • Chroma 100 – Provides 48 VDC and data for up to four Navis 100 RGBW luminaires
    • ArcLamp 150 – Provides power and control for up to 32 ETC ArcLamp luminaires across four channels

    Tying it all together

    Complete maintenance calls without the headache. External driver technology moves critical components to wherever your F-Drive lives, instead of in your confined ceiling space. Need to make changes? Hot-swapping capabilities mean you can replace components without disrupting power to your entire system.

    Navis & F-Drive:
    Covering every detail