Eos Family Learning Series

  • Level 1 Essentials for Eos Family Software

    All the basics to start working with your lighting desk

    Are you new to the Eos family of consoles and want to hit the ground running with your first show? Learn all the basics you will need to get started with the Essentials material. This will give you a solid foundation with the Eos family of consoles and prepare you to grow your knowledge when you are ready.

    Most of the videos on this page were created using v2.9 software. There are a few videos updated with changes from v3.2. The current workbooks are written for v3.2. If familiar with the software, you might check out the v3.2 Software Introduction video for an overview of everything new.

    After completing the level, you’ll be able to:

    • Patch conventional and multi-parameter fixtures
    • Work with channels in Live mode
    • Record, select and delete groups
    • Record, play and delete cues
    • Record to, load and clear submasters
    • Understand Tracking and Block, Cue Timing, and Park 
    • Manage show files (create new, save, save as)
    • Control non-intensity parameters at a basic level
    • Create simple step-based effects

  • Explore Eos Family products

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    Explore more Eos Family user resources at the Eos [Home]