Eos Family Learning Series

  • Level 4 Proficient Programming for Eos Family Software

    Practice and deeper understanding to augment your skills

    This class will explore core concepts of unique features of the Eos Family software. For people who are well versed in Eos family console features, this is an opportunity to learn a few more complex concepts and functions. Although there will be prepared materials for these classes, we will answer your questions and focus on the examples and solutions that are of most interest to you.

    Most of the videos on this page were created using v2.9 software. There are a few videos updated with changes from v3.2. The current workbooks are written for v3.2. If familiar with the software, you might check out the v3.2 Software Introduction video for an overview of everything new.

    After completing Level 4, you will be able to:

    • Use advanced palette and preset modifiers
    • Create more complex Macros
    • Understand and work with multiple cue lists and multiple cue list playback
    • Feel comfortable with the Cue List index and its properties
    • Take advantage of the three states of Capture
    • Understand Priority settings
    • Be more effective using Fader Configuration
    • Use the virtual faders and playback filters
    • Understand and use the various color spaces and tools of the Color Picker
    • Take advantage of the Fixture Profile Editor

  • Explore Eos Family products

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    Explore more Eos Family user resources at the Eos [Home]