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  • What's new in Eos v3.1?

    The same Eos software powers all the consoles and controllers in the Eos Family ( you can run it on your Mac or PC, too!), and we’re always adding exciting new features to advance your programming.

    Eos v3.1 brings new Custom Direct Selects, Custom Encoder Mapping, and more.

    Learn about the new tools in Eos

    Why are there two branches of the Eos software?

    Eos v3.1.5 is the latest software version for all currently-shipping Eos Family products. So why is Eos v2.9 still a current software option?  Some legacy Eos devices are unable to run Eos v3.0 and above. Eos v2.9 is feature complete but receives occasional updates to include new fixture libraries. Users working with affected devices should download Eos v2.9.3.

    Eos v3.1          Eos v2.9          All Software Versions

  • Use the tabs below to find the most up to date versions of Eos Family software,
    libraries, media, plugins, and reference materials.

  • Latest Software Build

  • Download the latest Eos builds for your console, PC or Mac. View all software versions.

    Stay to up-to-date by reviewing the Eos Shipping Update page.

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  • Libraries

  • Get the latest fixture libraries and release notes. View all library versions.

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  • Eos Media Downloads

  • All the latest royalty-free media packages for Pixel Maps, Materials libraries for your
    Agument3d models, and Icons for your Magic Sheets.

    (Pixel Map media is only needed for first-time Mac/PC installations). 

    Materials Libraries

    Icons Libraries

    Pixel Map Media

  • Augment3d Vectorworks Plugin

  • Facilitate model and rig import from Vectorworks. 

    Augment3d plugin - Windows      Augment3d plugin - Mac

    Augment3d Vectorworks Install Guide

    Augment3d Vectorworks Quick Start Guide

  • Manuals & Reference

  • Need help with your Eos Family console? Check out the Eos Online Operations Manual. It’s the same manual that you’ll find onboard your Family console, conveniently available online.


    The eManual contains the latest information about all Eos Family consoles. Hardware-specific manuals can be downloaded below. View all Eos Family manual supplements and reference documents.

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