Try out new ETC products at the 10th annual International Rental Conference in Samara

Date Posted: 1/18/2016

ETC Eos v2.3

ETC will present its lighting equipment for the rental market at the 10 th annual International Rental Conference, January 29th through 31st, at the Sovremennik Cultural Center in Samara. Conference attendees will be able to experience the newest additions to the Eos , Source Four and ColorSource families.

Eos Ti

Eos Titanium (Eos Ti) is the flagship lighting-control console in the Eos family. Eos Ti has two large multi-touch displays, a nine-inch encoder display, 20 user-defined keys, motorized faders, and other features to create lighting displays on the fly. ETC recently released new Eos v2.3 software, which opens up new possibilities when working with color and makes programming show creation even easier.

Source Four LED Series 2

Source Four LED Series 2

Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires create crisp, clean beams of light or soft washes, adding flexibility to any lighting project. The luminaires come in three versions: Lustr, Daylight HD and Tungsten HD. By simply adding an adapter, attachment or accessory, you can turn a Source Four LED into a cyc light, Fresnel, zoom spotlight, fixed-focus spotlight or dozens of other tools to fit any lighting task. Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires can expand any lighting inventory.

ColorSource Spot and ColorSource PAR

ColorSource PAR and ColorSource Spot

A limited budget shouldn't limit access to high-quality equipment. That's why ETC began producing ColorSource PAR and ColorSource Spot LED luminaires. ColorSource luminaires have a proportionate mix of red, green, blue and lime LED emitters, creating rich and accurate color output. ETC calibrates the color of every LED, ensuring uniformity. And they compensate for the thermal droop that affects most LEDs, so the light output from a ColorSource PAR or Spot is the same at the beginning of a show to the end.

At the Rental Conference, ETC specialists will be on hand, ready to answer any question about ETC equipment.