ColorSource PAR

Washlight workhorse

An LED luminaire crafted by lighting experts, the ColorSource PAR uses a balanced recipe of red, green, blue, a twist of lime, and an extra dash of red to provide a richness of color only possible from ETC LED luminaires. The extremely lightweight ColorSource PAR outputs bright, beautiful light, is easy to use with or without a lighting desk and lives up to ETC's high standards for quality.

Color Integrity

ColorSource Color Integrity

ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency. They feature a four-color mixing system offering bright, vibrant colors and perfectly-mixed pastels.

The thermal management algorithms built into every ColorSource fixture ensure that the colors you choose in rehearsal are the colors you get during the show.

The Right Recipe

ColorSource PAR is available with three different array options:

ColorSource Original Icon


Warm pastels and hues
to enhance skin tones  

Deep Blue

Deep Blue

Deep, saturated blues
and magentas 

Pearl Icon


Variable white
from 2700-6500K 

The Right Recipe

ColorSource PAR is available with three different array options:

Designed for performance

Designed for Performance - ColorSource PAR

What's your angle?

Numerous diffusion and beam-shaping lenses options unlock ColorSource PAR’s potential. High backlight, low sidelight, pipe-end positions – you name it, ColorSource PAR will hit it just right.

MyETC: Photometrics
Photometrics App

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Download MyETC: Photometrics and take the guesswork out of your design.

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Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers

Don't double your fixture count! ColorSource
PAR in UL924 Listed for emergency use.

Long, light life

ColorSource PAR has been independently tested using the LM-84 standard. These tests have confirmed what we knew from the beginning: ColorSource PAR is built to last! 55,000 hours. The math: if you ran a ColorSource PAR for three hours a day, seven days a week, all year long – we are talking about 50 years of light.

That's a lot of beautifully-lit shows.