Nottingham Lakeside Arts eases on down the road with ETC ColorSource Spot

Date Posted: 8/14/2015

Nottingham Lakeside Arts

When Richard Statham, the in-house lighting designer at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, got the opportunity to use ETC's new ColorSource® Spot luminaire on the latest production, The Wiz, he couldn't say no. ETC associate regional manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland Jeremy Roberts was at the venue to show Statham the fixture, and left several there so that he could try them out on the show.

Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Statham was enthused by the color mixing and smooth dimming curve: "No one would believe this is a budget LED light source… This is a real game changer. I already have my spending application in!"

The ColorSource Spot and PAR fixtures were introduced by ETC to benefit arts and community centers - like the one in Nottingham - that want to get the best out of their lighting but have only a relatively limited budget that needs to be shared across a whole technical department. A proportionate mix of red, green and blue LEDs with lime green helps to fill in the gaps in the spectrum that other low-cost LEDs are unable to achieve.

Nottingham Lakeside Arts

The ColorSource luminaires can be operated from a lighting-control desk, or even directly from the user interface on each unit. Each luminaire is carefully calibrated at ETC's headquarters in Wisconsin, ensuring that they output uniform color.

Photos © Mark James