ETC introduces next-generation power-control systems for entertainment and architectural markets

Date Posted: 9/29/2015

Next generation Power Control Family

ETC is announcing a potent new power-control solution to the Sensor®3 family: the Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System . Sensor IQ is a low-cost, low-heat and low-noise load center with switching and low-voltage dimming. Its breaker combines Sensor's high-inrush, trip-curve current sensing with remote switching control in a compact footprint with support for any combination of LEDs and moving lights. Sensor IQ also provides power for scenery, motor controls, video projection, and audio systems. 

Sensor IQ offers intelligent, circuit-by-circuit reporting as part of ETC's upcoming energy-management system. It also reports additional information including connected load, breaker trip, level, state and control source, which gives users direct insight into their power system. Supporting up to 16 Unison Echo® control stations and zone controllers , Sensor IQ features magnetic-hydraulic breakers that are guaranteed not to trip at full load, and it enables you to set the state of the relay in the breaker without the presence of power. Sensor IQ's enclosure is available in 12-, 24- or 48-circuit models, housed in the smallest footprint on the market, which can be mounted to nearly any wall or vertical surface. 

Sensor IQ Breaker

"In a time when electrical rooms are disappearing from architects' blueprints, Sensor IQ responds to the growing demands for high-density switching in professional theaters and entertainment venues, as well as high-spec commercial buildings," says ETC Power Controls Product Manager Jake Dunnum. "It is remarkable that our engineers have been able to combine Sensor-level performance and reporting with system-integration that only ETC can deliver. It establishes a whole new working model for entertainment and high-spec architectural installations alike."

ETC is also releasing two additional power control products: the Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed and Feedthrough panels, rounding out the company's product offerings for top-of-the-line power control. The mains fed Echo Relay Panel is an architect-friendly, 120V or 277V panel with mix-and-match 0-10V control with one-, two-, and three-pole relays within the panel itself, as well as additional phase-adaptive dimmers that will be shipping this November. The feedthrough panel provides dimming, switching, and emergency circuit lighting with 24 or 48 20A relays that support both 120 and 277V power. 

Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough and Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed

Both versions of the Echo Relay Panel support ETC's line of Echo control stations, responsive controls, and power control systems via the EchoConnect control network. Both the Mains Feed  and Feedthrough Panels support up to six Inspire® stations and six panels, while the Feedthrough Panel supports up to eight spaces with no more than 16 presets and 16 zones per space. 

"We are very excited to introduce these new products for our core markets," says Architectural Market Manager Bryan Palmer. "We are thrilled by the possibilities that Sensor IQ, the Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed and Feedthrough panels offer to help facilities update their lighting equipment to work best for their specific needs."

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