ETC expands color control capability with F-Drive W1 Chroma

Date Posted: 1/28/2021

F-Drive W1 Chroma

The award-winning F-Drive LED power system expands with the addition of F-Drive W1 Chroma. The wall-mounted LED driver is compatible with Navis 100 RGBW luminaires, offering a new solution to control color-mixing LED fixtures.

F-Drive makes the critical components controlling an LED system accessible, utilizing familiar category type cable with RJ45 connections. All F-Drive solutions control your LED luminaires via DMX with RDM configuration, management, and monitoring. For simple connection to Navis RGBW, the W1 Chroma offers a single output for up to four uniquely addressable luminaires. The driver is convection cooled, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

With the addition of W1 Chroma, F-Drive now has more options for locations where a centralized driving solution is not required. Together, F-Drive power controls and Navis luminaires offer one robust LED system for any space. To learn more about the entire system, please visit

For more information, users can easily schedule a one-on-one virtual product demo with an ETC team member. Find available time slots for an F-Drive and Navis demo at