Custom Hoists

Vortek Custom Hoists

Rely on Proven Experience for Custom Hoist Applications

When the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas, Texas had the vision of literally hanging and shifting seating towers, Vortek engineers accepted the challenge. Now theatergoers enjoy performances in one of the most innovative facilities ever built using hoists capable of moving horizontally and vertically with a lifting capacity of 60,000 pounds (27,215 kg).

Vortek's experienced rigging team has a long tradition of designing, engineering and manufacturing custom hoists for a variety of applications..


  • Designed as part of a total system, the heavy-duty steel constructed frame is designed and manufactured considering location, installation, operator safety and application
  • Clutched drive-through secondary braking system, slack line detection, redundant limits, and digital position display
  • Hoists are available in a variety of configurations: base-mounted (upright), underhung, remote (muled) or self-climbing
  • Four user-programmable presets and cross-grove prevention
  • Multiple control stations can be located throughout the facility