QuickTouch Preset

  • MCX Node Mk2          
    MCX Node 2

    The MCX Node Mk2 is ideal for those looking to build a rigging system larger than the Foundation controller's current 48-axis limit, such as TV studios or large performance venues.

    Preset Rack-Mount Kit Right          
    Rack-Mount Kit

    An optional rack mount kit can be installed on the QuickTouch controllers and Foundation. This will allow your Rigging Control System to be installed in a standard 19'' equipment cabinet, alongside with all your other control equipment. 

    Remote Enable Control                 
    Remote Enable Control

    ETC's convenient remote-control operator station with a 35' pendant can be plugged into QuickTouch or Foundation Controls. 

    Preset Locking Cover Estop Right      
    Locking Cover

    An optional locking hinged cover can be installed on the QuickTouch Controller.  

    External E-Stops

    The QuickTouch Controller allows up to three remote E-stops, and the Foundation Controller allows up to six remote E-stop stations. .