QuickTouch Preset

Push the easy button

QuickTouch Preset

You need to walk into a space, and with the single push of a button, have the room be set and ready to work.  QuickTouch Preset does exactly that. If you have acoustic clouds, orchestra shells, curtain tracks, legs, borders, PA equipment, or other items that you store out of sight, QuickTouch Preset keeps track of them for you.

Set the equipment and record its positions with QuickTouch Preset. You’ll be prepared for a band concert on Monday, a dance show on Tuesday, a lecture on Wednesday, and a student-directed play on Thursday.

With the press of a button, each batten moves in and out with ease. No ladders. No lifts. No heavy counterweight systems to struggle with. One button, multiple levels of access. It’s so easy your students can run it... and they should! 

Reimagine your space

When used with Prodigy FlyPipe, cafeterias, gymnasiums, theatres, and common areas can be transformed. No more lifts, ladders, or trips up the catwalk are needed – QuickTouch Preset and FlyPipe bring the technology to your level. 

  • Simple to install with minimal structural engineering requirements.
  • Safe to use with multiple built-in safety features.
  • Affordable for schools and other budget-conscious venues.