Irideon FPZ

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Irideon FPZ black

Lighting with distinction

Irideon FPZ pairs the best of the Source Four Mini LED platform with exceptional output and a sleek industrial design to light your space with elegance and subtlety. Available for use with our OneTrack system, the feature-rich design is perfect for museums, lobbies, and retail environments. 

Truly a Source Four fixture at heart, Irideon FPZ boasts its own set of enhancements such as lockable 3-plane shutters, zoom optics, and the ability to dim using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on the OneTrack adapter. But the beam is still everything you expect and more; Irideon FPZ puts out over 1000 lumens, 33% brighter than Source Four Mini LED and every bit as pleasing to the eye with a wide selection of color temperatures.

Now available in an F-Drive compatible version
The new Irideon FPZ for F-Drive readily pairs with F-Drive, ETC's flagship driver solution. The F-Drive compatible fixtures enable facilities to build more cost-effective lighting systems, all backed by a premium lighting control solution.

FPZ gives you the versatility you need to create the beautiful light you want from an integrated, unassuming design that won’t dominate your space.

*OneTrack by ETC is only available for purchase in North America, Latin America, and Asia.

Irideon FPZ white

Irideon FPZ silver

FPZ OneTrack model

  • Designed to operate with ETC’s OneTrack distribution system
  • Three track options available:
    • OneTrack 120 V two-circuit
    • OneTrack 277 V two-circuit
    • Eutrac 230V three-circuit with data
  • Color-matched adapter with fully integrated driver
  • DMX or locally dimmed

FPZ Portable model

  • Color matched, medium c-clamp mounting for pipe-mount installations.
  • DMX in and thru via RJ45 ports on the included driver box
  • Available accessory kit for Unistrut mounting
  • 6’ power cable with NEMA 5-15P connector included
  • DMX or locally dimmed 
  • Available as Irideon FPZ for F-Drive

FPZ Canopy model

  • Available as DMX or DALI or 0-10V
  • The DMX option can be locally dimmed
  • Canopy mounted with color-matched mounting plate
  • 277V options available
  • Available as Irideon FPZ for F-Drive

More than you expect 
  • Over 1000 lumens, 33% brighter than Source Four Mini LED
  • Lockable, 3-plane shutters
  • Zoom optics
  • Dimming to less than 1% of maximum output, with soft on and off fade curves

The Source Four touch 
  • Exceptional optics, beam, and brightness
  • Rotating barrel, pattern slot, and integrated media frame
  • Backed by ETC’s award-winning service and support

Tailored to your needs 
  • Offered in black, white, silver, or custom colors
  • Available in 2700 K Gallery (90+CRI), 3000 K Gallery (90+ CRI), 3000 K, 4000 K, and 5000 K LED color temperatures
  • 5-year warranty on the full fixture
  • 10-year warranty on the LED array

Line Dimming
DMX Dimming
DALI Dimming
0-10 V Dimming