ArcSystem Navis

  • ArcSystem Recessed Luminaire Ceiling Bracket

    ArcSystem Recessed Ceiling Bracket

    New construction? No problem. Extend your installation options with this adjustable bracket for Pro One-Cell recessed fixtures.

    The highly customizable bracket attaches to dropped ceiling grids or spans between joists, and the driver and fixture can be installed from below once the final ceiling is in place.

    ArcSystem Goof Ring

    ArcSystem Goof Ring

    The ArcSystem Goof Ring makes it simple to replace fixtures in an existing installation with ArcSystem Pro One-Cell and ArcSystem Navis. When a smaller ceiling hole is needed, the Goof Ring provides a reliable mounting place, compatible with wire rope safety tethers when required.

    ArcSystem Ceiling Protection Ring

    The ArcSystem Ceiling Protection Ring fortifies ArcSystem Navis 100 installations when the ceiling material is soft. The C-Ring provides a metal plate for the fixture to lock onto, preventing damage to the ceiling.