Source Four LED Series 2

  • Source Four Series 2


    LEDs aren't just for scenery anymore.  The Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire is so bright, so adaptable that it can go anywhere in an installation, even front of house. With its advanced mix of LED emitters, it can beautifully illuminate the talent, allowing easy adjustments.

    Source Four Series 2

    Intelligent software

    Don't want to spend hours mixing color? ETC has you covered. Our research team has developed color algorithms that optimize the color mix for each hue that your console dials up. Simply use the 'Hue, Saturation and Brightness' or 'Red Green Blue' controls and the luminaire does the rest. The Lustr array adjusts to the proper ratio of lime, red and the other five colors. You save on design time and get great results.


    Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires feature the same size, look, optics and beam angles as a conventional Source Four fixture, with the efficiency and energy savings of an LED. They also use the same barrel, so you can easily retrofit your inventory. For the highest-quality, controllable beam, Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires can accept any standard Source Four lens tubes, plus a special LED-only 50° lens tube. You can achieve the best results when using a Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube), which makes the beam crisper and cleaner. And you can turn your Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires into powerful cyc lights, by attaching a Source Four LED CYC™ adapter. Your backdrops have never been brighter or more beautiful.