Element 2

  • The basics of lighting control, redefined.

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    Element 2

    Affordable and easy to use, the Element 2 console provides generous hands-on control for smaller rigs. Element streamlines your show file with a single cue list while allowing access to a wealth of advanced control features below the surface. Ideal for amateur and professional operators alike, Element 2 provides the experience of a classic fader-intensive lighting desk combined with the powerful Eos engine – including award-winning color tools and the Augment3d 3D-programming and visualization environment.   

    Element 2

    Easy hands-on control
    • 1K or 6K output
    • 40x 45mm faders for extensive hands-on control
    • Supports up to two multi-touch external monitors

    Element 2 Datasheet


    Expand your Element 2 experience with focus remotes, accessory wings, backup processors and more.