Load Control Module

ERM-FLU Load Controller

Echoflex's Wireless Load Controller Module is a versatile embedded controller ideal for today's construction retrofit or residential markets.

Voltage ranges

  • 120VAC @ 15A single channel relay
  • 24VAC/DC with 3A @ 30VDC single channel relay

The new F series Load Controller Module advanced features:
  • range confirmation technology allowing the sensor to display  communication quality
  • remote management capabilities
  • central command capabilities to enable functions such as demand response

While retaining:
  • smart click commissioning - using the wall switch to set up configuration
  • simple tap commissioning - using the sensor teach button to set up configuration
  • computer based commissioning - using Echoflex Garibaldi  Software  
  • assignment of up to 20 devices  
  • transmits controller status  
  • switches, photo sensors, occupancy sensors, key card switches, window/door switches
  • dual hop signal repeating function