LED Fixture Controller

ELED1 LED Fixture Controller

A cost effective wireless lighting controller that meets industry demands in operating with modern luminaires to offer energy savings and quick, trouble free installations.The ELED1 is a ½” nipple or surface (strap) mount individual fixture or single zone control with 0-10V dimming. This controller supports Range Confirmation® and works with all Echoflex sensors equipped with the Range Confirmation® feature to provide visual feedback of a linked sensors signal strength for optimal sensor placement.

Powerful Scene Support

Lighting needs change for a variety of reasons – time of day, creating a better user experience, improved productivity, energy savings – and Echoflex is ready for them all. Scene support enables your Echoflex system to quickly and easily recall preset looks at the touch of a button. Presets can be activated from scene stations, timeclocks, or gateways. Presets can control light intensity and color temperature. Whether you want to control the light level, turn specific fixtures on or off for a more dynamic effect, balance daylight and electric light, or let a building management system control a space, Echoflex’s scene support enables you to get exactly the look you want.

Product features:

  • Scene Support with 15 preset slots
  • Accepts 120-277VAC (regular model) and 240-347VAC (“H” model) “H” model
  • Occupancy control with auto- ON/OFF or vacancy control with manual-ON/auto-OFF
  • Integrated daylight harvesting control with photo inhibit mode
  • Automatically detects dimming loads for easy adaption between switching and dimming functions
  • Central Command support for BEMS gateway control
  • Energy code compliant
  • Various easy commissioning options available