Echo Room Controller

Product Name

Boost your circuit quantity

The Unison Echo™ Room Controller provides a complete power solution for small- and medium-sized rooms - all from a single product. Its feed-thru power input allows all four or eight relay outputs and 0-10V control to be gained on the same input circuit or for any number of circuits to be separately fed. With additional interfaces for A/V use, Demand Response capabilities, and UL924 emergency built into each controller, the Echo Room Controller is ideal for classrooms, offices, churches and all general area-lighting needs.

Demand Response

Energy codes and energy companies alike have growing requirements to reduce your power consumption during high-energy usage. The Room Controller meets these energy requirements by accepting a contact input from the power company to impose a contractor-configured maximum output per zone.

Audio/Visual integration

The Room Controller also accepts a contact closure from an A/V system, which allows the lighting to automatically change to a preset that you configured to match the specific presentation needs of your space. A single action is all it takes to convert your space into presentation mode.

Support system

The Room Controller lives on the EchoConnect network to support all Echo power and control products. It comes with EchoConnect bus power built in, supporting six external stations and five external power-control products. With a wide range of button stations, fader stations, sensors and more, the Room Controller gives you the proper controls to add to almost any installation.

Both four- and eight-zone models are available with or without TimeClock support for real and astronomical events.

Product features
  • Demand Response: Contact closure sets maximum output while active
  • A/V contact input: Integration to a third-party AV system
  • UL924 Emergency: Forces on critical lighting while optionally turning off non-critical circuits
  • Preset control: Looks activated from EchoConnect stations, sensors and TimeClock events
  • Zone control: Circuits grouped to a single control fader; models exist for four or eight zones
  • TimeClock: Events triggered by integral TimeClock for sunrise/sunset, time of day, and calendar
  • Manual control: A switch on each relay allows it to be controlled locally without the need for power
  • Station power supply: Integral power supply for up to six stations and power products
  • Voltage divider: Independent 120V, 277V, emergency, and plug-load control as needed
  • Aux power: 24V of accessory power for TimeClock and other Echo accessories
  • Hot power: A terminal is available for one hot (uncontrolled) output per zone